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Spring 2013 Disciplinary Report

The following players are currently suspended:

Updated 11/1/13

Suspension for the week of 11/03/13
Brew Crew Joshua Summers
Havoc FC 2 Zach Zimmer 
Richmond City FC John Lapointe 
Juventus Juan Abad 
Juventus Juan Hercules 
Resistance Mark Hayward 
On the verge 11/03/13
Mexico  Restaurant Aleksandar Ivanovski 
Absolute BC Igor Seliverstov 
Artillery FC Christopher Tucker
Buffalo Soldiers Matthew Allen 
Capital City FC Dylan Renick
Chester FC Christopher Montes 
Chester FC William Rhodes 
Fan Rats Derek McCown 
Glanville Flash Joseph Barrick 
Glanville Flash Joshua Meals 
Hardywood Park FC Keith Hollowell 
Juventus Alexander Cartagena 
Laurel FC Lam Nguyen
Lightning Rolian Kamgaing
Martin-Star United Travis Massey 
Mamma Zu Cosmin Boanca 
Mexico  Restaurant Ryan Schoepke  
Midlo FC Brandon Hendrick 
Multiple Scorgasm Douglas Loomer
Partizan Richmond Cosmos Thomas Gruwell 
Petes Mom FC Philip Moore
Pink Panthers Kiri Sakun
Richmond FC Paulo Gomes
Richmond City FC John Lapointe 
San Polo Beach FC Flavio Quezada 
San Polo Beach FC Jose Meza Rayas 
Shore Tigers Adrien CHAUMARD 
SICILY Alessandro Conigliaro
Sticky Rice United Andrew Shin

Long Term Suspensions: - No team registered directly.
Carlos Cruz

Disciplinary Actions

·          Yellow Card Offenses

o     Unsporting Behavior: includes hard fouls; holding an opponent or deliberately handling the ball for the purpose of preventing an opponent from gaining possession of the ball; faking an injury; saying things that are designed to confuse or distract an opponent; harassment (such as jumping around, shouting or making gestures to intentionally distract an opponent; jumping in front of a corner kick, free kick or throw-in; worrying the goalkeeper or trying to prevent him from putting the ball into play; & adopting a threatening posture); gaining an unfair advantage by leaning on, climbing on the back of, or holding a teammate or the goal; blatant cases of holding and pulling an opposing player or his uniform; any action designed to deceive the Referee; and behavior which in the Referee's judgment is unsporting or causes an unfair advantage; two points.

o     Dissent: defined as consistent argumentative reaction to the authority of the referee and his linesmen; two points.

o     Delaying the Restart of Play: two points.

o     Failure to Respect the Proper Distance Away on a Corner Kick or Free Kick: two points.

o     Persistent Infringement: defined as persistently breaking the rules; two points.

o     Illegal Entry: defined as deliberately entering or leaving the field without the referee's permission (also known as illegal substitution); two points.

o     Retaliation: defined as tackling or attacking a player with little or no intention of playing the ball in a manner consistent with the rules of the game; three points.

·          Red Card Offenses

o     Second Cautionable Offense: defined as receipt of a second yellow card in one game; three additional points.

o     Denying Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity: defined as a deliberate hand ball, foul or hold to deny an obvious goal scoring opportunity; five points.

o     Foul and Abusive Language: defined as excessive profanity or abusive behavior that the referee judges as unfit and the player is forced from the game; five points.

o     Serious Foul Play: defined as any use of excessive force or brutality against an opponent when challenging for the ball. Examples include a dangerous slide tackle from behind, or an "over the top tackle" in which a player raises his foot so the cleats could hit a player, or a two footed tackle that takes down the opponent. FIFA has broadened this definition by saying that "Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force and endangering the safety of an opponent is guilty of this infraction"; eight points.

o     Violent Conduct: defined as retaliation or uncontrolled fouls with the intent to deliberately injure a player through tackling or reckless play; ten points . Suspensions for violent conduct will carry over to all teams a player is registered to play for. Thus, a player cannot play for any CVSA team, league or cup play, until he/she serves the entire suspension levied for the team he/she was playing for when the violent conduct occurred.

o     Striking: defined as hitting, kicking, spitting or projecting an object at a player or the attempts to do so during or after the game; fifteen points and typically an automatic five game suspension.

·          A team is responsible for the behavior of its fans. Failure of the team to control its fans may result in severe fines for the team.

·          Any team wishing to file an appeal of the actions taken by the Disciplinary Committee must do so within five days after receiving official notification from the committee. After five days the findings become final. A $25.00 fee is required with each appeal. The fee is refundable if the appeal committee returns a favorable decision. Only disciplinary penalties imposed by the League (e.g., probation, suspension, expulsion, etc.) may be appealed; referee-issued disciplinary cards and the associated disciplinary points may not be overturned since doing so would undermine the on-field authority of the referees.

·          The Fine Code for the Fall '11 season for accumulated points is as follows:

o     Five Points: one-game suspension.

o     Ten Points:

§   If accumulated over the course of a season (i.e. more than one game), an additional one-game suspension is imposed for the game immediately following the one in which the player reaches the ten-point plateau. However, if the five-point and ten-point plateaus are reached in the same game, an automatic two-game suspension is imposed (e.g. a player coming into a game with four points, and committing an eight-point foul).

§   If accumulated in one game, an automatic two-game suspension is imposed.

o     Fifteen Points: length of suspension to be decided by the CVSA Board.

·          Regular Season versus Cup Competition: disciplinary points for the CVSA Cup and Copa Bruce are tabulated separately from those accumulated in the Regular Season, as are the penalties. Exceptions will be made in the case of especially heinous fouls, such as striking.

·          Membership on Multiple Teams: for players registered on multiple teams, disciplinary points are tabulated separately for each team. Suspensions typically only affect eligibility with the "primary" team (i.e., for whom the player was playing when the offense was committed) unless the player is no longer registered with that team (e.g., transfers, off-season changes, etc.). Exceptions will be made in the case of especially heinous fouls, such as striking. In those cases, the player is typically suspended from all CVSA play, but only the games served with the primary team count toward the suspension length.

·          Appeals: Any team or individual wishing to appeal a disciplinary sanction should consult Article II.I.3 of the Bylaws of the Central Virginia Soccer Association.

·          Referee Abuse: In addition, penalties dealing with referee abuse are covered by the Metropolitan DC-Virginia Soccer Association Greensheet, which can be found on the Disciplinary Page of the Metropolitan DC-Virginia Soccer Association website:

·          Team Suspensions: In rare circumstances when various members of a team commit numerous and/or serious offenses, and individual suspensions are an insufficient deterrent for the team as a whole, the Disciplinary Committee may vote to impose a team suspension.  Note that a team suspension does not mean that every player on the team is suspended.  Individual suspensions will be handed down separately for those players whose conduct warrants them.  Rather, a team suspension imposes the following restrictions while it is in effect:

o     The team's name may not be used by any active team.

o     No more than five players from the suspended team may register on any one team.

o     Neither the primary nor secondary captain may serve as captain for any other team.

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