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Teams Looking For Players

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Teams Looking for Players:
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Commonwealth Women's Soccer Assoc. email:  cwsasoccer1@gmail.com
 or visit: www.cwsasoccer.org


Looking for female players of all ages and skill levels.
Division 9 team looking for players for the spring season.  We are in our 3rd season of having a team and looking for all positions.
manny oregonhillnumina@yahoo.com
  pine st coed is looking for players with a keep it positive attitude email manny oregonhillnumina@yahoo.com
fabioramos@live.com   Looking for a good reliable goalkeeper for the Fall Season. If you're interested please let me know.
ericscott7@gmail.com   Coed team looking for female players for an awesome coed recreational team! Thursday nights starting in September.
ialzuro@yahoo.com   5th Division River Plate and 8th Division Messi, Ronaldo & Kompany are looking to add to the roster a keeper and experienced, competitive-minded field players. You'll Need to be reliable, know the game and like to have fun! If interested contact Ivan Alzuro.
Players Looking for Teams:
Name / Contact   Player Info.
aellis@auxomedical.com   Looking for a Co-Ed team …..M-34 with two years of D.1 College ball experience, ODP, etc.  I play forward and defense, of course I am not as fast as I use to be but my play is reliable, consistent on and off the ball play, positive leadership.  I would love to help a team win and be a part of a solid core of players.  If you would be interested in my help, please contact me ASAP.
cshandley99@gmail.com   2 male players looking to join a team. Men's team or coed are both fine. Ages 28 and 24. Both ex-college players at UNC and UNCG. Available immediately for all games.
adrienchaumard@gmail.com   I'm 31 and from france played soccer since i was a kid played for the cvsa last spring . I m looking for a team this fall . I can play striker or midfielder . (Adrien)
jftrent@gmail.com (John Trent)
  25 years old, just moved into the Richmond area.  Played soccer since I was 5, prefer playing defense or midfield. Looking to find a co-ed team and meeting some new folks in the area!
winning_ng@ymail.com   Winning Ng: 29 year old Male. Can play in any defensive/midfield position. Played high school and in competitive league since 15. Been coaching men's league past 5 years. Interested in Recreational Men’s and Coed league. Very dedicated player and will show up to all games.
ellera@vcu.edu   21 year old female VCU student that recently moved to Richmond. Played on club teams most of my life and also played highschool. Looking for a co-ed team to join. Mainly plays midfield or forward
avanname@osageva.com   Andy Van Name: I am 33 years old and I currently live in the Lakeside area of Henrico.  I played soccer continuously for 7 years until I graduated high school then moved on to other things.  I remained involved in various athletic activities since then.  I am looking to play on a men’s team.  I was very passionate about soccer when I played and have been wanting to get back in for a long time.  I played midfield and fullback.  I prefer midfield but am open to other positions as well.
gava.juan@hotmail.com   Juan Garcia: I am looking to join a soccer team coed or veteran.  I am 50 years old.  I have played soccer all my life.  I am very familiar with the game.  I have coached youth teams too.
staleysa@email.appstate.edu   Sarah: I am a 22 year old looking to join a coed or women's team for the Fall. I have played soccer since I was 5. I played on a club team and varsity high school team. I played intramural in college, but will admit that I've gotten a little rusty. I love playing and I will make sure to be there for every game! I've always played center mid, but you can really put me anywhere that you need someone.
jesse.potts@gmail.com   Jesse Potts: Looking to join a team.
riri.britt11@gmail.com   Maria Britt: I am looking to join a women's soccer team this fall. I used to play soccer for about 10 years. I want to get back into it.

26 year old male relocating to Richmond and looking for a new team for the Fall league. I've played soccer my whole life and prefer defense, but I can sub at keeper. Looking for a competitive men's team whose biggest priority is having fun.
shase07@vt.edu   Scott Hase: I am 24 years old, looking to play in the second division or more competitive.  I played in high school and intramurals in college.  I can play any position and will be at all the games. 
lwright@merchantsfixture.com   35 yrs old. Looking to play for a D2-D4 team. I played competitive soccer all my life and through school, have played at the premier level through school and into CVSA for a number of yrs. Took some time off and ready to get back into it. I play anywhere on the field but would prefer midfield.
patsfanx12@yahoo.com   30 years old looking to play in co-ed or higher men's division. Played forward in highschool but haven't played since. I live in downtown Richmond so prefer to play and practice with a team close to me.
matt.mcmannes@us.army.mil   I am a 33 yo looking for a team for the season getting ready to start. I will miss the weekend of 31 August and 7 September but will be able to be at all practices and games thereafter. Grew up playing on traveling teams in Germany, played year round in high school, and played 2 years of college ball. My endurance is not what it used to be but hopefully it will come back as the season progresses.
todd.springer@ch2m.com   I am interested in joining a recreational soccer team either Co-Ed or Veterans. I am good at fullback (best of left side but can play sweeper) or midfield (center or left). I played competitive soccer in my teens and college, recreational soccer in my 20’s and coached my kids’ soccer teams when they were younger – back when I lived in Canada. I am good shape now doing martial arts, kickboxing aerobics and running several times a week. Would enjoy fun competitive games but not too competitive as I get that this is recreational and we are no longer 17-years old ;)
trevorlav@gmail.com   22 years old looking for a team second division and up. Speedy forward, can play center or on the wings. Willing to play other positions if need be. Played all my life and throughout highschool.
edblax@gmail.com   I'm 24, just moved to Richmond from Australia and am looking to play in the mens and/or mixed competitions. I've played all my life but not for a couple of years due to injury and travelling. Happy to play in a lower division and take it from there. Can play all across the park.
cara36111@aol.com   I just moved to the area, was hoping to get on a womens team. I'm 28 years old... play Keeper!!
ErinPBarry@gmail.com   I am looking for A team to start Playing again after about 10-15 years. I want to join an all girls team preferably and am available to play Sunday mornings/afternoons. I just relocated to the Chester area and am looking to broaden my exercise regime beyond long distance running
ffballenger@hotmail.com   I'm 35 and just moved to Richmond from Arizona and I'm looking to join a men's and/or coed team. I played HS and college ball and have played on multiple competitive mens teams and coed teams. I can play most positions.
kkulbok@vt.edu   27 year old female looking for a co-rec team. Has been playing in adult leagues for 3 1/2 years and as a youth before that. Prefers outside mid.

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