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Teams Looking For Players

To add/remove your name to/from this list please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e-mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - September 18, 2014

  1. David Phillips - Added 06/21/14
    (804) 243-3562
    Comments: I am a 23 year old recently moved here from the United Kingdom. I have played a lot of 5-a-side football and a bit of 11-a-side. I am familiar with the league and have watched friends play in the Sixth Division, which is where my skill level is.

  2. Robert Batta - Added 06/22/14
    (804) 338-8355
    Comments: I'm 22 years old and recently graduated from Virginia Tech. I am also new to the area and looking for a team. I have only played casually since high school so I don't quite know where that would put my skill level in terms of a particular division. I play forward or left midfield.

  3. Nathan Somerville - Added 07/02/14
    (813) 380-7165
    Comments: 32; Played in college intramurals and an adult league 2006 to 2007. I play defense. Looking for a novice league to join. I am very competitive, just not a ton of football experience.

  4. Wes Coates - Added 07/05/14
    (804) 356-2476
    Comments: I'm a 20 year old student with no previous league experience. I'm kind of new to playing in general and am just looking for a team for a bit of fun. That being said, I'm looking for a team in the lower divisions. Also, I am willing to play where need be.

  5. Sarah Blanchard - Added 07/15/14
    (804) 614-5331
    Comments: I am 23 years old. I recently moved to Richmond so I am looking to join a co-ed or women's team. I played club soccer throughout High School and I played in College. I won Rookie of the Year for my college team and I got honorary mention for All-Conference. I play right back or right mid.

  6. Magnus Valdemar Saar - Added 07/28/14
    Comments: I'm from Estonia and in Fort Lee for approximately half a year - at least until the end of the year as a student. I'm looking for a chance to train with a team or if my level is sufficient to play as well. The closer to Fort Lee the better. I have played my whole life. Played at various levels up to semi-professional teams and professional teams reserves. I'm 30 years old and for the last five or six years I've been playing for fun in an amateur team, with training twice a week. I play defensive midfield but I can also play in pretty much any position. Physical condition is average.

  7. Hunter Gurley - Added 07/28/14
    Comments: I am seeking a recreational soccer league to join. Age: 23 Height: 5’9” Weight: 150 lbs. Foot: Right Position: Usually midfield. sometimes forward/striker Experience: Played throughout high school on the school team and also a traveling team out of Gloucester, VA called “Baystars FC”. In college (JMU), I played on several different intramural teams that included indoor and outdoor. I have played in a summer league 3 different times, also. Level of play desired: Intermediate

  8. Guillermo Silva - Added 08/01/14
    Comments: I´m an Argentinean 30 years old. I played soccer for all my life and I´m moving to Richmond now to start working for a company (beggining of September). I usually play as defense or middle. I´m in good shape and play quite well. My idea is to play in a good level tournament. I will be located in Chester.

  9. Luke Davis - Added 08/05/14
    (804) 384-3036
    Comments: I am a 26 year old, four years removed from playing competitively. I played 3 years in college as a stopper and winger. I am interested in having fun and getting back into shape. I am looking to find a team to ease my way back into playing

  10. Zach Durrette - Added 08/07/14
    (804) 815-7951
    Comments: I'm 28 years old. I played through high school and then in CVSA for years after that. I'm a keeper but can play anywhere in the field as needed. I'm open to playing in any of the upper coed or open leagues.

  11. Danny Mathieson - Added 08/09/14
    (757) 831-0044
    Comments: I'm 24 years old, 5'9" 145 lbs. Looking to join a team in a middle/lower division. Prefer Men's, but will also play Coed if needed. I played through my youth and continued with A-league intramural during my time at VT. I helped coach HS in New Mexico where I was a teacher, so I have a better understanding of fundamentals. I also played 1x week competitive adult pickup during that time. I'm fast and in shape with decent ball handling skills. I'd prefer to play mid or forward, but had experience at sweeper as a kid.

  12. GOALKEEPER NEEDED - Added 08/12/14
    (804) 914-0055
    Comments: Our 8th Division team LOKO FC 2 is currently looking for a committed and decent goalie looking to play for our squad for the 2014 Fall Season for CVSA. Looking for a experienced goalie to rely on. If interested, please contact Matt Luck.

  13. Lucie Saint-Lorraine - Added 08/12/14
    Comments: I am a new arrival in Richmond. I have played soccer and I would like information on how I can join one of the teams. I usually play halfback defense position, but am efficient and fairly good at most positions. Any team is fine, and I am in good physical condition for my age. I am 44, but can play with the younger women too.

  14. Liam McGenity - Added 08/18/14
    (804) 931-2240 / (804) 571-6644
    Comments: I’m a 22 year old Full-Back (either side) and have just moved to Richmond from Liverpool, UK. I’ve been playing all my life including for my college first team before moving here so would be looking for playing in one of the higher divisions. I’ve already started with 6-a-side here and so I am ready to play whenever! I’m reliable, friendly and a hard-working player :)

  15. Laura Culver & Peter Strand - Added 08/19/14
    E-Mail: &
    (571) 236-9973 & (540) 429-2166
    Comments: My boyfriend and I just recently moved from Northern Virginia to Richmond and we are hoping to join a coed adult team together.
    She: I am 26 years old and have been playing soccer forever. I played at a Division 1 school in college and have continued to play after college on coed teams (both indoor and outdoor). I am hoping to join a competitive, but still fun, team. I played center mid. in college but since have played all over the field.
    He: I am 31 years old. I played soccer in high school and played with the club team in college. Since then, I have played with several division 1 competitive rec. teams in Northern Va. I mainly play in the midfield and center defense.

    (804) 873-4826
    Comments: Our 8th division team is in need of a goalkeeper. Preferably someone with current experience. If you're already playing on one team and would like to play on a second team this may be a good fit.

  17. Lynwood Washington & Darsey Perez - Added 08/21/14
    E-Mail: &
    (757) 377-3953 / (571) 268-6250
    Comments: Hello this email is in reference to playing in the fall soccer league. My girlfriend and I are interested in playing in coed league, we are both 25 years old and live in the Henrico area. My name is Lynwood Washington and I am new to the sport. I am pretty athletic and I have played many other team sports such as hockey, basketball, and baseball and just looking to try something new. My girlfriend who intrigued me to try soccer played soccer in leagues since she was 8. She has not played since high school but wants to play again. She would like to play midfield and defense. I would like to try to play forward and midfield. We both relatively understand the sport her more than me but not sure of what level we would be in. Please give us any new information regarding the upcoming season.

  18. Kevin Pusateri - Added 08/22/14
    (804) 320-0316
    Comments: 31yrs young. Ive played keeper in my mid 20s and defense because of my speed and composure. I would like to join a team that champions fitness and strategy and defending with counter-attacking. Want to compete, but not get into fistfights over a bad call. Fun is the main goal!

  19. Alfonso Ramirez - Added 08/25/14
    (804) 310-3644 / (512) 786-0961
    Comments: I just relocated from Austin TX, i was playing indoor in 2 teams as defense and also i was playing outdoor on sundays as defense.. i am 29 years old and i would love to play as defense in one of the teams..thanks.

  20. Johnathan Crawley - Added 08/29/14
    (804) 210-6699 / (804) 909-5717
    Comments: Hello everyone. My name is from Richmond, VA. I'm 22 years old with a love for the game. I've played from YMCA league all the way to my high school team (varsity all 4 years) I just hope to get picked up and leave it on the field!

  21. Sadiki Stewart - Added 09/02/14
    (804) 350-0952
    Comments: recently relocated to Richmond from Trinidad. Heard about the league from friends would like to play in division 1,2 or the primer division.

  22. TEAM LOOKING FOR PLAYERS - Added 09/04/14
    Comments: Our 7th division side, Heart of Midlothian FC, is currently in the process of trying to add 1 or 2 players to round out our roster for the fall season. We all play at a fairly competitive level and have many players with different levels of experience. Our most important need is for a goalkeeper; however, players interested in playing other positions are encouraged to reach out as we are always looking to add capable and committed players to the squad. If interested please get in touch as soon as possible.

  23. Marcos Garcia - Added 09/08/14
    (804) 420-2767
    Comments: 22 Years old. I’ve played for a team in the 8th division before as a Left Fullback. I’ve only played competitively in this league once, other than that I play pick up games every day. I really just want to play soccer. I am a hard working player and will pour my heart and soul out of my team.

  24. Sean Glass - Added 09/08/14
    Comments: I am 28 years old and my only experience playing soccer has been from childhood participating in AYSO/Club soccer and playing on my High School team in Southern California. I also assistant coached AYSO teams after high school with my father. I love the game and am looking to get involved playing on any team.

  25. Arthur Lazatin - Added 09/18/14
    (703) 269 7984
    Comments: I am 21 years old. I am located in Manassas VA. I am skilled in Midfield and Attacking Mid as well. I am trying to become professional so I need to get out there and play with teams. I’m a great person, easy to talk to and I have very strong leadership skills. I look forward to playing with many teams here on out.

  26. Tillman Breckenridge - Added 09/18/14
    (202) 414-9285
    Comments: I'm a 35 year old guy who hasn't played in a couple of years because of plantar fasciitis and young kids looking to get back in for fun. Aiming for coed recreational team that's out for some fun. Mainly a defender (especially until I get any ball control back). 6'4" 230. Played growing up and then rec leagues and pickup since school. Will pay my best but will also not take it too seriously, so looking for a team that tries to win but keeps it light. Thanks.

  27. ukrop9 - Added 09/18/14
    (804) 814-8664
    Comments: Hi...I'm looking to join a woman's soccer team this fall. I'm 30 years old and grew up playing and varsity. I prefer to play forward and midfield but can fill in defense when needed.

  28. Luca Allais - Added 09/18/14
    (609) 672-2981
    Comments: I was wondering if you could add me to the available players list? I am 26 year old and I recently moved here from Charlottesville. I played college at NYU and SOCA D1 in Charlottesville. I can play anywhere in defense or pretty much anywhere else. I would like to play the top tier?

  29. Jenna Swann - Added 09/18/14
    Comments: My name is Jenna. I am 30 years old. I have played soccer since I was 8. I played for Bridgewater college as a starter from freshman to senior year. I am a forward and was leading scorer for 3 years. I coached for the strikers but haven't played in the last 3 years and looking to get back into the sport

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