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Updated - July 28, 2014

  1. David Phillips - Added 06/21/14

    (804) 243-3562

    E-Mail: daiphillips.1927@gmail.com

    Comments: I am a 23 year old recently moved here from the United Kingdom. I have played a lot of 5-a-side football and a bit of 11-a-side. I am familiar with the league and have watched friends play in the Sixth Division, which is where my skill level is.

  2. Robert Batta - Added 06/22/14

    (804) 338-8355

    E-Mail: rbatta@vt.edu

    Comments: I'm 22 years old and recently graduated from Virginia Tech. I am also new to the area and looking for a team. I have only played casually since high school so I don't quite know where that would put my skill level in terms of a particular division. I play forward or left midfield.

  3. Kristen Herceg - Added 06/24/14

    (804) 317-1272

    E-Mail: kherceg6@vt.edu

    Comments: I am 21 years old and seeking a relatively competitive coed team to join. I played very competitively in high school (four years of varsity and club team that won State Cup). Since then I played intramurals in college, both girls and coed (won MVP for the league). I played center mid and center defense in high school, but am willing to play anywhere on the field.

  4. Michael R. Earle - Added 6/30/14

    (765) 237-1232

    E-Mail: michaelrearle@hotmail.com

    Comments: I'm 31 years old, but don't be fooled; still in good shape thanks to the military. I'm looking for a reasonably competitive league but do not have much recent experience. Best bet is sixth division and lower. I will play any position but am best at Forward or Midfield. I live in Chester, so the closer a team's practices are to here, the better. This doesn't preclude my playing on other teams: it's just a preference.

  5. Braden Way - Added 07/02/14

    (804) 980-5305

    E-Mail: Bradenway@yahoo.com

    Comments: Over 30 Goalkeeper looking for a 5th division below team for fall . 6'2" in shape. I have been out of the game for a couple of years with injuries and miss the smell of the grass. Looking for a team that doesn't yell at each other or has so many goals against that they would put a tree stump in the net. Social co ed is cool to. This is not a dating website so don't e mail me asking for a date I'm married with children.

  6. Nathan Somerville - Added 07/02/14

    (813) 380-7165

    E-Mail: nsomerville@gmail.com

    Comments: 32; Played in college intramurals and an adult league 2006 to 2007. I play defense. Looking for a novice league to join. I am very competitive, just not a ton of football experience.

  7. Wes Coates - Added 07/05/14

    (804) 356-2476

    E-Mail: wcoates55@yahoo.com

    Comments: I'm a 20 year old student with no previous league experience. I'm kind of new to playing in general and am just looking for a team for a bit of fun. That being said, I'm looking for a team in the lower divisions. Also, I am willing to play where need be.

  8. Jeremy Bustin - Added 07/05/14

    (C) (757) 897-9999 / (W) (757) 380-4384

    E-Mail: jeremy.bustin@verizon.net

    Comments: I'm very interested in playing in the Fall soccer league. I just moved to the area and would love to get back onto the pitch. Played goalkeeper in my younger days and played midfielder and forward in high school. I'm 32 years old, and while I would have once considered myself an advanced player, I'm currently looking for intermediate or recreational opportunities to get back into shape. I just want to feel the ball at my feet again.

  9. Brandon Carter - Added 07/07/14

    E-Mail: bcarter1647@gmail.com

    Comments: I am 33 yrs old, and I want to get back into competitive play again. I have played on teams in CVSA before, but I took a break after a couple of kids. I am a past high school varsity coach and a fan of the game. I have always played up front or mid field, but I am open to playing anywhere for the good of the team. Open to Co-ed or lower level for the Fall season. I don't know if there is a 30 and up league, if so, I'm down for that too.

  10. Kyle Ferber - Added 07/07/14

    (757) 705-2620

    E-Mail: ferber.kyle@gmail.com

    Comments: Age 24. Preferably right wing, but I have also played left wing. Played club soccer until I was 16; played intramural in college. Pretty rusty (haven't played at all in a few years), so I'm looking to join a lower division team in the fall. I'm interested in both men's and coed.

  11. Nancy Stanley - Added 07/08/14

    (540) 272-9873

    E-Mail: nancyann03@gmail.com

    Comments: Age 24, looking to join a team for the fall. Just recently moved back to Virginia. I have played in recreational and travel soccer leagues in the past. I have played wing, outside midfield, and defense. Over the past few years I have turned into a runner but I would really like to get back into soccer. My touch is needs work but I do exercise regularly.

  12. Monica Torres - Added 07/09/14 

    (951) 892-4885

    E-Mail: torresmonicaantonia@gmail.com

    Comments: 24 years old, new to the area from California. Played club soccer in high school, club soccer/intramural in college, was pretty decent until focusing primarily on cross country in college. I anticipate being fairly rusty. Interested in women's and coed, looking to join a lower division team. Will play anywhere needed. Prefer right mid.

  13. Thomas Monemo - Added 07/10/14

    (804) 878-8049

    E-Mail: smithsj1948@gmail.com

    Comments: I am 22 years old male, and I ‘m living in Westover Hills. I play central defense. In the Ivory Coast, I played for the club of the ASEC Académie, and then in I played in MCFC (Didier Drogba). I also played with CI Kamsar in Guinea-Conakry, seven years total. I am ready to start playing immediately. Thanks a lot.

  14. Tom Horton - Added 07/10/14

    (262) 412-3662

    E-Mail: thorton@KPMG.com

    Comments: I am 27 years old and recently moved from Philadelphia where I played for the past four years in the first and second divisions of the CASA adult league (90 minutes / 11 v 11 / 4 divisions). Generally play center midfield, but have the ability to play other positions as well. Looking to join a team for the fall season.

  15. Matt Jordan - Added 07/11/14

    E-Mail: kjordan@richmond.edu

    Comments: What's going on, I was looking to join a team for the upcoming fall season. I "think" I would fit in the 3rd or 4th division. I'm 32 years old and am in pretty good shape for the most part, my conditioning is the main issue I'm working on. I used to play very competitive soccer up until I was 19 with FC Richmond Magic ( 82's ) and midlothian high school. I've been wanting to get back into a pretty competitive league for a few years and now have finally gotten around to it. Not sure how to join a team or how it works but I'm 100% dedicated for the upcoming season and I also have a friend who would like to play on my team as well if possible. I'm thinking 3rd division bc I have friends who play on fishbowl but it is my first season back so whatever you think is best. Maybe 4th division to get back into the swing of things. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

  16. Shaon Sharif - Added 07/12/14

    (703) 608-0364

    E-Mail: shaon.sharif@gmail.com

    Comments:I just moved to the Richmond, VA area and wanted to a join a good team. I'm looking for a team that practices on the regular and plays more of the tiki taka style of playing. Played since 5yrs old. College level, competitive league. Age: 28 Level of play desired: Closer to premier the better. I really want a team that practices on the regular and continuously challenges to get better. Position: Striker, Left Winger, Attacking Mid. I grew up in Japan playing for my international english school. My coach was Brazilian and he taught me soccer basics early on. Since then I've played for years and also got signed into Kawasaki Juniors when 13. We moved to USA shortly after. Soccer here is very different than anywhere else I've been to, the passion and style of the game is different. I have played for my high school and college. There was a gap for few years after that but in the past 3 years I have been playing soccer actively. I just finished two seasons with a Barra Brava FC. Now I'm looking for a team that has the desire and passion for the game and wants to improve their skills.

  17. Fellipe Ramos - Added 07/13/14

    (804) 908-3356

    E-Mail: phillipsk804@live.com

    Comments: hello i'm 21 brazilian love to play futbol looking to play for fun. i been playing since i was a little boy. i'm a midfielder i like to stay more in the center of field but if needed to i can also play outside mid very well. also forward

  18. John Hewitt - Added 07/14/14

    (540) 656-3495

    E-Mail: johnhewi@gmail.com

    Comments: I am 28 years old and somewhat out of shape. I have never played competitive soccer before, but have a b interest in the sport. I am diligent, will show up to the games on time, will run as fast and far as I can, will do as instructed and will learn quickly. I hope to have fun, but I am competitive in nature.

  19. Sarah Blanchard - Added 07/15/14

    (804) 614-5331

    E-Mail: sarahblanchard403@gmail.com

    Comments: I am 23 years old. I recently moved to Richmond so I am looking to join a co-ed or women's team. I played club soccer throughout High School and I played in College. I won Rookie of the Year for my college team and I got honorary mention for All-Conference. I play right back or right mid.

  20. Chris Morem - Added 07/16/14

    (804) 564-1488

    E-Mail: csmorem@gmail.com

    Comments: 29 years old. Just moved to Richmond. Played 4 years co-ed after college. Former college hockey player. Very competitive, looking for a novice / co-ed league to play in. Play midfield.

  21. Drew Burgwyn - Added 07/16/14

    (540) 272-5277

    E-Mail: dburgwyn@gmail.com

    Comments: 6'1" 30 year old played travel soccer for 6+ years and 3 years high school varsity growing up. Haven't played much since beyond college intramurals and some pick-up games, but did play in the Division 4 league in Spring 2013, however that team has since folded. My best skill is 35-40 yard throw-ins which created many scoring opportunities and assists growing up. Typically a winger or defensive midfielder.

  22. Taylor Pilkington - Added 07/16/14

    (434) 249-8991

    E-Mail: taylor.pilkington@gmail.com

    Comments: I'm 27, male, recently moved to Richmond. Looking to play on a fun, relatively competitive team. Played as a forward on my high school team, but willing to play anywhere. Played in rec leagues for many years, but trying to get back into the game after a year or so break.

  23. Tim Amberman - Added 07/18/14

    (717) 683-7241

    E-Mail: Tramberman@gmail.com

    Comments: I'm 24 years old and recently moved to Richmond. I played in college where we won back-to-back league championships and a bid to the NCAA tourney. I play in the midfield and forward. Looking for either co-ed or men's team.

  24. Megan Decker - Added 07/21/14

    (862) 266-3357

    E-Mail: mdeck3o@gmail.com

    Comments: I am a 24 year old female player who's recently moved from Durham, NC. I've been playing soccer competitively (travel, club, HS varsity, college club, IM) since I was 5 years old. I'm looking for a competitive team, preferably from the Thursday coed league, to join! I'm a great team player and I love the sport so I'm very excited to start playing! I'm best at midfield or forward, but I played defense early on in my soccer career and could play that also!

  25. Magnus Valdemar Saar - Added 07/28/14

    E-Mail: mvolli@gmail.com

    Comments: I'm from Estonia and in Fort Lee for approximately half a year - at least until the end of the year as a student. I'm looking for a chance to train with a team or if my level is sufficient to play as well. The closer to Fort Lee the better. I have played my whole life. Played at various levels up to semi-professional teams and professional teams reserves. I'm 30 years old and for the last five or six years I've been playing for fun in an amateur team, with training twice a week. I play defensive midfield but I can also play in pretty much any position. Physical condition is average.

  26. Hunter Gurley - Added 07/28/14

    E-Mail: bytheway6385@gmail.com

    Comments: I am seeking a recreational soccer league to join. Age: 23 Height: 5’9” Weight: 150 lbs. Foot: Right Position: Usually midfield. sometimes forward/striker Experience: Played throughout high school on the school team and also a traveling team out of Gloucester, VA called “Baystars FC”. In college (JMU), I played on several different intramural teams that included indoor and outdoor. I have played in a summer league 3 different times, also. Level of play desired: Intermediate

  27. Jason Nickle - Added 07/28/14

    (804) 301-3980

    E-Mail: jasnickle@gmail.com

    Comments: I'm a 28 year old male with 12+ years of soccer experience. I'm looking to join a fun and competitive team for the fall season. My best positions are midfield or forward. I am in decent shape and I have a rocket shot.

  28. Conner Wright - Added 07/28/14


    E-Mail: Wrightcn5@gmail.com

    Comments: 24 years old, 6’2, preferably mid (center mid) but can move elsewhere. Looking to play at a highly competitive level. Most recently played in college intramural leagues and CVSA summer league. In shape and willing to ‘try out’.

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