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The Arthur Ballner Trophy

The CVSA Cup traces its roots to the beginning of the CVSA, with the first competition being held during the 1975-'76 season. The basic idea of the competition is to have all teams in the league participate in one inclusive tournament. It generally lasts from the fall to the spring, with games played intermittently during the regular season. The tournament gives an opportunity for lower division teams to test themselves against higher competition within the league.

The Cup is one of the four major titles awarded by the league in a calendar year. The others are the Premier Division Spring Champion, Premier Division Summer Champion, and Premier Division Fall Champion.

The trophy awarded to the winners is named for the late Arthur Ballner of Deutscher Sportclub. Mr. Ballner is one of the pioneers of adult amateur soccer in the Richmond area. In the late 1950's he led a group that started playing pickup soccer games near Byrd Airport, and became Deutscher Sportclub in 1960. Throughout the 1960's, he led the Deutscher Sportclub teams to play in Washington, DC leagues on weekends, as there weren't enough players to support a league in Richmond at the time. Their teams were good enough to win the DC Second Divison at one point. As the game grew in the Richmond area Mr. Ballner branched off and founded the Internationals Soccer Club, the precursor to the very first CVSA Champions in the 1975-'76 season, and winners of two of the first three CVSA Cups. Mr. Ballner passed in 1972, three years before the founding of the league, but his enthusiasm and love of the game laid the groundwork for what is now the CVSA.

For the 2014-'15 season, the CVSA Cup will be contested by 32 teams: the six Premier Division teams, nine First Division teams, nine Second Division teams, and eight "wildcard" teams from the lower divisions. Any of the eight "wildcard" teams losing in the first two rounds of the CVSA Cup are eligible for relegation to the Copa Bruce. The lower cup competition, the Copa Bruce, will be contested by the remainder of teams of the lower division teams who wish to enter. The Copa Bruce is named for longtime CVSA President S. Bruce Williams, whose idea it was to give the lower division teams a legitimate chance in cup competition. Mr. Williams led the coalition of community, business, & municipal groups who developed the Bryan Park Soccer Complex in the mid-1990's, which the CVSA uses as their primary base of operations. Mr. Williams is still active on the Richmond soccer scene, and was a leading offensive component for the Lions Masters.

Metro Sting FC is the current holder of the CVSA Cup, winning the 2013-'14 tournament with a 4:1 victory over defending champions Partizan Richmond Premier, in the championship game at Bryan Park on June 1. Metro Sting FC also won the Spring '14 Premier Division, and this title was their second CVSA Cup title. Club Atlético River Plate are the current holders of the Copa Bruce, with a 5:0 victory over Absolute B.C. at Bryan Park on June 1, in a match which preceded the CVSA Cup final. This is the first Copa Bruce Championship for the Club Atlético, in their first cup final appearance.

  • First Round - Sunday, October 5, 2014
    16 games randomly drawn amongst the six Premier Division, nine First Division, nine Second Division, and eight wildcard teams. Any wildcard losers are automatically relegated to the Copa Bruce, save for wildcard teams losing by forfeit. Home teams are listed first.

    • Richmond City FC vs. Metro Sting Old School
    • Richmond Flames vs. Absolute B.C.
    • Rack City FC vs. Metro Sting New School
    • CAPS Spartans vs. Lightning
    • Southern FC vs. X-Rams
    • Pine Street Barbersmen vs. Titans Veterans
    • Glanville United vs. FC Bosnia
    • Partizan Richmond Premier vs. Metro Sting FC
    • Fan Rats vs. Lions FC
    • Richmond Celtic FC vs. Laurel FC
    • Rockafire Explosion vs. México Restaurant
    • P-Zones vs. La Flama Blanca SU
    • LOKO FC vs. Club Atlético River Plate
    • Partizan Cosmos vs. Sticky Rice FC
    • RCFC II vs. Screaming Eagles FC
    • FC Nuclear vs. Partizan Express

  • Second Round - October & November, 2014
    Eight games randomly drawn between the 16 CVSA Cup First Round winners. Any wildcard losers are automatically relegated to the Copa Bruce, save for wildcard teams losing by forfeit.

CVSA Cup Past Champions
    1976 - West End FC
    1977 - Internationals
    1978 - Internationals
    1979 - Deutscher Sportclub
    1980 - Deutscher Sportclub
    1981 - Deutscher Sportclub 3, Lions FC 1
    1982 - Lions FC
    1983 - Deutscher Sportclub
    1984 - Lions FC
    1985 - Eclipse
    1986 - European FC
    1987 - Lions FC
    1988 - Eclipse
    1989 - Spiders FC
    1990 - Spiders FC
    1991 - Pink Panthers 3, Fan Rats 2 (OT)
    1992 - Not Played
    1993 - Not Played
    1994 - Fan Rats 5, Lions 30 1
    1995 - Not Played
    1996 - Not Played
    1997 - Not Played
    1998 - Not Played
    1999 - Dublin FC 3, Fan Rats 1
    2000 - Dublin FC 4, Lions FC 2
    2001 - Lions FC 4, BlackWatch FC 0
    2002 - BlackWatch FC 1, Dublin FC 0
    2003 - Lions FC 3, Fan Rats 2
    2004 - Fan Rats 5, Lions Express 2
    2005 - Lions FC 3, Team FCA 2
    2006 - X-Rams 3, Fan Rats 2
    2007 - Lions 80 3, Metro Sting Masters 2
    2008 - Fan Rats 3, Lions 80 1
    2009 - X-Rams 1, FC Bosnia 0
    2010 - Richmond Celtic FC 2, Partizan Richmond FC Premier 0
    2011 - Partizan Richmond FC Premier 3, Brown Distributing 1
    2012 - Metro Sting FC 1, Lions FC 0
    2013 - Partizan Richmond FC Premier 2, X-Rams 1
    2014 - Metro Sting FC 4, Partizan Richmond Premier 1

Copa Bruce

El Bruce
S. Bruce Williams
Father of the Copa Bruce
Founder of the Bryan Park Soccer Complex

  • First Round - Sunday, October 5, 2014
    Random drawing amongst all interested CVSA teams from the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Coed Competitive, & Coed Recreational Divisions. CVSA Cup Wildcard teams are excused from this round. Any team receiving a bye may not receive a bye in future rounds of the Copa Bruce.

    • Hardywood Park FC vs. Nekron's Army
    • Sidewalk Café vs. Richmond FC
    • Midlo FC vs. Glanville Flash
    • Richmond Blaze vs. Random Heroes FC
    • Chester FC vs. Blast HC
    • Fishbowl vs. Defenestrators
    • Resistance vs. Artillery FC
    • Jamsquad vs. Hearts of Midlothian FC
    • Knights vs. Havoc FC
    • Capital City FC vs. After Hours FC
    • Galaxy FU vs. Pete's Mom FC
    • Wafflehaus FC vs. Sounders
    • River City FC vs. Martin-Star United
    • Ivory Stripes vs. Formerly In-Shape All Stars
    • Mamma Zû Tu vs. Club Atlético Messi, Ronaldo, & Kompany
    • LOKO FC 2 vs. Richmond Street Soccer
    • Sticky Rice United vs. Total Soccer Show
    • Titans vs. Richmond United
    • Screaming Eagles United vs. ManChestHair United
    • Brasa FC vs. Edo's Squid Father & Son
    • Club Atlético Kempes, Cruyff, & Beckenbauer vs. Die Macht FC
    • Brew Crew vs. Quilmes AC
    • Probably Hungover vs. Mamma Zû FC
    • Multiple Scoregasms vs. Capital Ale FC
    • EEI Elite vs. Bollweevils

    Bye - Buffalo Soldiers.

Copa Bruce Past Champions
    2000 - Big Nasty 3, Daredevils 1
    2001 - Tyrants 2, Poe's Pub 1
    2002 - Lions Express 3, Fan Rats 0
    2003 - Lions Express 6, Pink Panthers 4
    2004 - BlackWatch United 1, BlackWatch AARP 0 (2OT)
    2005 - Bandito's 4, Sidewalk Café 1
    2006 - Metro Sting Internationals 4, Reggae Boyz FC 3 (OT)
    2007 - Richmond Celtic I 2, 3 Monkeys 2 (4:1 PK)
    2008 - CLG Flames 2, Galaxy FU 0
    2009 - Richmond Celtic FC 1, 3 Monkeys 0 (OT)
    2010 - Sticky Rice FC 3, Glanville United 2
    2011 - Lightning 4, Absolute A.D. 3
    2012 - Glanville United 4, Lightning 3
    2013 - Pink Panthers 5, Lightning 1
    2014 - Club Atlético River Plate 5, Absolute B.C. 0

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