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FALL 2013 Team Jerseys

Team Name Jersey Alternate
Absolute BC Red White
After Hours FC Green Yellow
Artillery FC Black Orange
Big Night Out FC Yellow Blue
Blast HC White Black
Blasters Bright Green White
Bohemians Light blue Black
Bollweevils Yellow Orange
Bollweevils Coed blue orange
Brew Crew Blue Red
Buffalo Soldiers FC Yellow blue
Capital ale I Blue White
Capital City FC Navy Light Blue
CAPS Quattro FC Blue Yellow
CAPS Spartans Red White
Cary Street Hooligans Blue Green
Chester FC Red White
Club Atletico Messi, Ronaldo & Kompany Black Orange
Club Atletico River Plate White Orange
Cluster B Blue White
Defenestrators ORANGE BLUE
die macht fc blue white
Edo`s Squid yellow blue
EEI Elite Blue Yellow
Ewoks FC Green Black
Fan Rats light blue black
FC Balkan United Gray Purple
FC Bosnia Blue white
FC Himalayas White Orange
FC Nuclear Green Yellow
Fishbowl white black
FW Sullivans Orange Blakc
Galaxy FU Orange Blue
Granby United blue yellow
Half Touch Blue Crimson
Hardywood Park FC Silver Black
Havoc FC Blue / White White
Havoc FC2 blue/white stripe white
Imonaboat Gray Navy Blue
Ivory Stripes FC Light Blue Navy Blue
Juventus gray& black white
Knights Royal Blue White
La Flama Blanca SU Black White
Laurel FC Red White
Lightning Green White
Lions FC Blue Red
Mamma Zu FC White Red
Mamma Zu Tu blue yellow
Mamma Zu United Black Red
Martin-Star United Red gray
Metro Sting New School White Black
Metro Sting F.C. White Black
Midlo FC Carolina Blue White
Multiple Scorgasms Black White
Nekrons Army Red Black
Partizan Balls N Dolls blue pink
Partizan Express Black White
Partizan FISA pink blue
Partizan Richmond Cosmos Black and Red Red
Partizan Richmond FC Black Red
Partizan Richmond Premier Black Red
Pete's Mom FC Yellow White
Pine St. Barbers Coed FC orange white
Pine St. Barbersmen FC orange white
pink panthers red yellow/black
Probably Hungover FC Red n/a
Random Heroes Fc 2 orange black
RCFC II Light Blue Dark Blue
Resistance Dark Blue Green
Richmond Blaze FC red green & black
Richmond Celtic 1888 FC White/Grey Green/Black
Richmond City FC Dark Blue Light Blue
Richmond FC Black and White n/a
Richmond Shin Kickers Red Texas Orange
Richmond Street Soccer white black
Richmond United Black Light Blue
Rockafire Explosion light blue/white red
Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen maroon yellow
San Polo Beach  FC pink yellow
Screaming Eagles FC Black Gray
Screaming Eagles United Black Grey
ShoreTigers Maroon White
Sicily Red Yellow
Sidewalk Cafe Light Blue White
Sounders Gold Orange
Southern FC grey red
Sticky Rice FC red white
Sticky Rice United Red n/a
The Mercernaries Purple Silver
Titans Maroon Black
Titans Coed Red Black
Titans Veterans White Red
Total Soccer Show Black Orange
XRams Black White

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